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I have been in the home studio, grabbing a few hours here and there to sing over wonderful piano tracks that have been sitting on my hard drive for too long. (Thank you Gilly Bean and The Jazz Priest).

Working, parenting and having all my 'work' gigs cancelled as a result of COVID-19 has brought me back home musically. I haven't written a song for a while but the recorder is going all the time now - especially when driving!

In the absence of covers gigs I have been singing on my front garden - it made the early stages of lockdown much easier and my neighbours were enjoying the weekly party nights. Apart from one, I had a letter from Bromley Council warning me of 'amplified music disturbance.' I must be the first singer to be on the ASBO list for singing a playlist that would be at home on Smooth 102.2 or Jazz FM.

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