For the love of music

The first memory I recall is walking into an elderly neighbours house when I was 2 years old and seeing a piano. I didn't know what it was but I knew I wanted to play with it.

I recall my early years in Blackfen, Kent bugging my Mum to go into Mrs Wills's place. No other instrument calls me quite like the piano but life went on, my brother was born and we moved house. Entering middle childhood I fell in love with recorder classes at school (my pestering for a piano never paid off) and after trying a friend's clarinet I took it up and went through the classical grades. 

The viola came next and although I didn't quite have the discipline and rigour for classical music I passed grade 8 just after my 16th birthday. I taught myself the guitar and began to write songs in my late teens after drifting in and out of rock bands. 

I played the acoustic scene all over London for a few years under my Mum's maiden name as Sarah Kiely and had a spell of industry interest in my early twenties - playing for Sony and courting Spirit music group in New York.

Life went by, I opted for the earning by singing covers route and it certainly has conditioned my voice well. 

I have two son's, run a garden design company Peace, Love and Plants and have now resumed my unwavering passion for song and lyric writing. The desire to create and write never goes away, no matter how much I distract myself with business and family endeavours. 

I spend a few evenings a week in my home studio singing and editing - usually over Gilly Bean or The Jazz Priest's piano tracks. I plan to connect with producers far and wide to bring the forty plus songs I've written to life.